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Vous réalisez des banques de sons et souhaitez les proposer à la communauté ?

I am a registered business (Pro):

Sell on your own shop

  • With a registred business number (micro-entrepreneurs, freelances, companies), you can choose to manage your own online store on D27.

  • The “Pro Dashboard” allows you to follow your sales in real time. You can add, remove, modify products by yourself.  

  • You keep 90% of sales for all sales except in cases of co-publishing / co-productions where percentage are decided on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Pro accounts have no limit as to the amount of yearly sales that can be transferred on their paypal account each month.

I am an individual

Legal limits on sales

  • If you are an individual, then you can also sell your sounds through your own shop on D27.
  • The difference with a pro account is that you are limited to a certain amount of sales per year. Above this amount, you will need to register a business to conform your local laws. 
  • For example, in the EU, the yearly amount is 2500 € , except Germany where the maximum amount is 1500 €. 
  • If you are a US citizen, D27 will have to declare your sales to the IRS as soon as the sales reach 10 000 USD per year, by application of compulsory US tax laws.
  • The publishing contract – which is not mandatory – allows you to continue your activity as an individual, sales and tax obligations being then assumed by D27 who becomes your publisher.
  • Your share is also 90% (and between 50 and 80% in case of publishing contract/co-productions). The only difference with a pro account is the limit of sales per years. 


No subscriptions

There is nothing to pay. if you sell nothing, you owe us nothing. 

This allows to test the activity of sound/preset designer independantly from your current financial situation.

No hosting fees

 Having your website takes time and money.

With D27, you get an online shop and benefit from the traffic generated by our users and our promotions. 

The share of your sales that is kept by D27 is used to promote the website. So, instead of doing it on your own, alone, you benefit from the efforts of the whole community. 

No exclusivity

You can sell your samples on other websites, unless you have a publishing/co-production contract with D27.

Editing / partnership cases are for example a compilation edited specially for D27 to be sold here or other websites. Co-productions are the implementation of common means to create a bank of samples or presets.

Conditions et limites

  • All Pro sellers must have verified Paypal Pro account. We selected Paypal because their commission is the lowest and because it is a known system, secure, connected to banks, easy to access for everyone around the world, whether you are professional or private. It is also less prone to phishing/smishing than regular credit/paiement cards.  Learn more about “Paypal Payouts”.

  • Individuals are also subject to an identity check. This is a legal obligation in the EU/US for all marketplaces, whatever their size, in application of the laws against money laundering, financing of terrorism, and other tax laws. Read More

  • The sound quality of your creations must be professional: your sound card must be of good quality and you should have some skills in sound design, mixing and production. Your sounds should bring something to your users. The rarity of a sound is a good start, but it must also be well recorded and well thought out for the user.

  • The samples must be worked to avoid unecessary blank spaces: a simple export from a slicing software like “Recycle” is not enough because you will often have to “truncate” the ends of samples to remove the blanks and apply fade in / out to avoid clicks.

  • If your samples need to be reworked, there are 2 possibilities; either they are not put online in their current state – waiting for you to work a little bit more on them – or they will be reworked by D27 as part of a co-production agreement (in general, the shares are 50/50 in the case of a co-production). Warning; co-production is not automatic and must be accepted by D27 (it is mainly a question of time available).

  • These must be your creations: you must certify that your creations are your own, and sign a disclaimer in the event of infringement of the copyright of third parties. In addition, you must present a sheet summarizing the means of production used for this or that sound bank, and additional proof may be required in case of serious doubts. Your products can no longer be sold if there is copyright infringement. Temporary suspensions can be decided in case of doubt or complaint (s).

  • You must respect the naming and organization conventions of sound banks. You will also need to provide most of the graphics, logos and text, as well as sound clips and demos from your banks. Learn more about the prerequisites.

  • Yes, it is work, and this work is the key to a good sound bank with value to your customers. This is often the difference between a free bank and a paying bank: the hours spent tweaking each sound and “the sound” is the element that justifies this work being recognized and rewarded.